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  1. Xray integrates directly with the leading SDLC software: Jira. With your development and test teams working in the same tool, you never ship untested or broken code again
  2. Xray is a Jira native application. It is the only test management app in the Atlassian Marketplace to have a native integration that uses Jira issue types for your testing activities. When you install Xray for Jira, you'll see new issues for Tests, Preconditions, test set, test repository, test plan, test execution, and test runs
  3. Xray is a complete Test Management tool for Jira. It is a full-featured app that does not require any other software in order to run. Xray supports the entire testing life cycle: test planning, test design, test execution and test reporting. We do this by using special Jira issue types, so you can use all Jira benefits that you are used to
  4. Xray Test Management voor Jira. Xray is een addon voor Jira die alle testcases als Jira issues verwerkt. Hierdoor ben je als tester meteen zichtbaar in het gehele Jira proces van je team. Xray ondersteunt handmatige en geautomatiseerde testcase in Jira waarbij stappen, data, precondities, verwacht resultaat en meer, toegevoegd kunnen worden.

Xray for Jira, an app edited by XpandIT, allows you to optimally organize your testing activities through structuring tests, test campaigns and requirements. Tests and test plans are a type of issues in Jira, so it's easy to identify certain types of existing issues as requirements Xray extensively uses Jira issues, so you will most likely use Xray the same way you would your normal daily usage of Jira. Finally, Xray may be used in different project scenarios, depending on whether you want to manage your requirements and tests within the same project or not Configuring Xray with an Existing Project Create new projects from scratch with testing enabled If, instead, you want to quickly create a new project and use it to manage everything (e.g., requirements, defects, tests), go to the Jira Administration page for Projects. In the creation dialog, choose Xray Test Project So, Xray's first release for Jira was back in 2013. We can say it is fairly established in the testing community and I would say that it has proven to be worth standing next to the most popular commercial test management tools like TestRail, Zephyr, and Hiptest

Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. More than 4.5 million testers, developers and QA managers trust Xray to manage 100+ million test cases each month. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 70+ countries, including 137 of the Global 500 This video explains Xray for JIRA core concepts, namely the specific JIRA issue types used for test management and their relation. 1. General Overview2...

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Updated webinar: https://youtu.be/73a16-yXAfAXray - Cutting Edge Test ManagementXray helps teams improving real-time insights into their software testing pro.. Atlassian provides an app called Jira Cloud Migration Assistant which helps users assess and migrate all the information from Jira on-premises to Jira Cloud. Jira Apps can also integrate with this assistant, making it easier to migrate all the data at once. Currently, Xray does not yet support the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

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### What is Xray for Jira? --- Jira add-on from the Atlassian marketplace. Created by Xpand IT. A test management tool. End to end test management of agile product release. Test Repository to hold feature, step, and taxonomy definitions ### Methods of testing In Xray --- Manual. Generic Between Xray and Zephyr, Zephyr is popular with JIRA users. Xray is the new kid on the block and it's making a lot of noise and seems to be catching on among users. find out which testing is ideal for you.. Jira and Xray trainings for your staff will be conducted by a Valiantys consultant - potentially the same one who deployed your instance in the first place. This training is enriched with best practices and real customer stories, so the added-value is significant for your team Xray helps out by allowing you to manage tests in JIRA, generate the corresponding feature files, and import your test results so they are visible in JIRA itself. When using Xray, you can choose to edit and manage your scenarios in Jira, or continue working with feature files within your source repository. Both these methods are described here

Since a Jira issue is a core Jira concept/artifact, it is used as the basis for many add-ons. Since Xray also uses Jira issues, then the integration with many existing add-ons is available out-of-the-box. Some examples are Xporter, Structure, R4J and others. 4. Reports / Listings. Like any Jira issue, Xray issues can easily be included in listings Xray Test Management, integrated with Jira Software, provides a powerful solution for delivering quality software within Agile best practices. First things first: What is Agile test management? Within Software development in general, the concept of Agile refers to promoting collaboration, flexibility, visibility and responsiveness to feedback To get more info about how automated tests are created in Xray for JIRA as well as more information about Cucumber, you can take a look at the Cucumber website and Xray for JIRA documentation. It's also worth highlighting that this is possible because Xray also makes its rest API available, and with that, we are able to export test definitions and import execution results Hi, I'm using Xray for Jira, but I'm unable to use the api. Looking at the documentation Hey, we are currently struggling with our xray configuration. Our goal is, to have a test repository where we can choose specific test cases from. Our problem is, that we use test cases in multiple fix versions. For documentation purposes we need to be able to querythe specific fix version of a..

JIRA is a tool developed by Australian Company Atlassian. This software is used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. The name JIRA is actually inherited from the Japanese word Gojira which means Godzilla. The basic use of this tool is to track issue and bugs related to your software and Mobile apps Xray's tests are normal Jira issues which allow for full Jira power. Thus, you are able to configure screens, workflows and add custom fields to your testing related issues. Tests may validate requirements, defects, any issue type in fact. And you can track their progress in your existing Agile boards Xray test management plugin for JIRA, provides all necessary artifacts for entire testing life-cycle in a case of manual testing, it provides strong support for automated testing with its support of importing results from different test automation frameworks, like Robot testing framework Solved: Hello, I Have problem with Xray used on Jira. I can't see the details of Test on view screen. I have a warning message. I can see and edi

Xray for Jira and Zephyr for Jira for manual test execution (Xray also offers a bit of functionality around BDD testing) Behave Pro and Tricentis qTest Scenario for BDD, TDD and ATDD testing (these are best for smaller teams or those that are embracing more of an Agile 2.0 space inside of JIRA Weil Jira über Plug-ins erweiterbar ist, gibt es nur wenige Bereiche, für die es nicht nutzbar ist. Die App Xray ist ein Jira-Plug-in für das Testmanagement. Und für Testberichte ist das Duo Xray und Jira sehr gut geeignet. Nach der Installation von Xray erscheinen diese Vorgangstypen neu in Jira: Testpläne (Test plan) Testsets (Test set Xray is a complete Test Management tool for Jira. It is a full-featured app that does not require any other software in order to run. Xray supports the entire testing life cycle: test planning, test design, test execution and test reporting.. On the other side, Cucumber is a framework for behavior-driven development (BDD), where the test specification is done in a natural language, while the. These ebooks are intended for anyone using or interested in using Xray for Jira, including testers, developers and project managers Quick start guide for Test Management We believe that Jira technology is a great testing tool, not only because it allows you to manage projects and issues efficiently, but also because of its wide range of apps, making it a robust and complete platform we are testing Xray for Jira at the moment if it fits our needs. It works quite well. We will have to use the Xporter Extension as well because we want to keep the older versions of tests and the documentation separated from Jira in Confluence. The only bug I came across so far is that it is only possible to a single precondition to a test

We develop amazing Jira Add-ons: Xray for Jira for test management and Xporter to export issues are available in Atlassian Marketplace. About Lambda. Lambda is designed with attention to details. Our intention is to create a theme that would to look cool and awesome Xray's tests are normal Jira issue types, allowing you to configure screens, workflows, and add custom fields to your testing related issues. With your Test Management natively integrated, your testers and developers are working on the same interface and can easily collaborate Xray for Jira is a complete, full-featured Atlassian verified test management add-on for Jira. Xray supports both manual and automated tests and a complete testing life cycle: test planning, test designing, and test execution to help developers improve the quality of their systems. Importing Xray Data. To import your data from the Xray add-on. Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software. Plan . Create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across your software team. Track . Prioritize and discuss your team's work in full context with complete visibility X-Ray on the other hand uses Jira's JQL so you can build custom views easily anywhere you can use JQL queries. Getting Started with X-Ray. X-Ray uses Jira tasks as a backing for the entities it.

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Jira and Xray also have a vast libraries of resources to help answer your questions as you go. I found myself watching YouTube videos from others that have set up Xray. It really helped me visualize how others were using Xray with Jira as there are multiple different decisions to make during setup Xray test cases. Xray stores most of the test case information in its specific custom fields in Jira, all supported by Better Excel Exporter. This example is an list of Xray test cases exported using the columns selected in Issue Navigator, including the test key, summary, test steps, plus the pre-conditions, test sets and test plans associated with the given test For Jira Data Center, each node has its own log and can be found in the <Jira local home directory>/log/audit directory. The log is stored as a JSON file. This directory has a file limit of 100 files, and each file has a size limit of 100 MB. Jira checks the directory every 24hrs. If these limits have been reached, it will delete the oldest file But we couldn't install X Ray 2.0.0 because of Jira 6 version. I decided to move Xray 1.12.0 even though hasn't more features like Xray 2.0.0. After upgrade.

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Jira Software combines powerful developer tool integrations with the most important features and functionality required for great agile software development. Jira Service Management is built for IT and service teams, providing them with everything they need for out-of-the-box incident, problem, and change management Inhalt. Dieser Kurs vermittelt die Anwendung von Xray für Jira. Der Kurs befasst sich mit der Vorgehensweise im Testmanagement, von der Anlage von Anforderungen (textuell oder in Modellen) über das Erstellen von Testfällen (manuell oder automatisiert) bis hin zur Durchführung und Fehlererfassung. Ebenfalls gibt der Kurs einen Einblick in die korrekte Erstellung von Reports Adding Custom Integrations. JFrog Xray is open for integration with any number of issue and vulnerability providers. This gives you the opportunity to add analyses from different providers with whom you may have an account, or even to create your own provider and display information such as performance issues, known defects or any other information offered by your provider This demo is an introduction into Jira Software. Get expert tips and best practices for getting started, nail the basics, and get your teams up and running quickly on Jira. We'll cover project setup, the difference between Jira Software project types, and various features and integrations to set your teams up for success

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Xray test set with tests. Test sets are flat, ordered collections of tests, represented by their own Xray-specific issue type in Jira. This PDF document captures a test set with all its details, plus the tests contained by the test set with all their details, resulting in a complete self-containing snapshot of the test set information.. jira-xray-test-set-with-tests.pd Jira Software è progettato per consentire a ogni membro del team software di collaborare, monitorare e rilasciare software di qualità. Pianifica . Crea storie e problemi degli utenti, pianifica sprint e distribuisci i task all'interno del team software. Monitora Know-how to manage software test activities with Jira, XRay the, most popular tools in the market. Take advantage of the Free trial version to learn the ins & outs to manage test activities with Jira XRay Cloud. Gain & build rapid competences in Jira & XRay through, simulated scenarios & project.

Sometimes when you throw pearls against the wall you can see the source of the lava and what's on the surfac XRay for JIRA supports test management for the following types of tests: Manual. Automated. Cucumber BDD. Generic (Tests which the definition is external to JIRA, example: JUnit) Manage tests. The following features are supported for managing tests: Create, edit and view tests. Support for manual and automated tests

Triggering builds or test automation is something that neither Jira nor Xray provide out-of-the-box. However, there are some ways of achieving it. Using Automation for Jira (which is now an Atlassian product), as detailed in this tutorial; Using ScriptRunner app, as detailed in this tutoria Hit enter to search. Help. Online Help Keyboard Shortcuts Feed Builder What's ne

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Click on the Save button; Reindex Jira in the background; Here I am assuming that you already have some experience with the Xray tool and you know how to create tests, associate them with multiple requirements, and create test execution issues for the tests Plain Jira does have - somewhat limited - agile boards 2, but it completely omits the waterfall Gantt charts. The bottom line: it's hardly feasible to do agile and waterfall - mixed project management in plain Jira Software, let alone Jira Core. However, Jira + some project management app on top will do the job

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XRay for Jira - Equivalent of Scenario Outlines. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 1 month ago. Active 30 days ago. Viewed 429 times 0. I am trying to translate cucumber into XRay for Jira issues with the right structure. The result should be issues with Test Executions I can run for every example. I want to make. Test Management in JIRA Issue Tracker. Xray test management solution is based on Requirements and the process works with creation of a requirement.. Requirements and defects are two main concepts commonly related with Tests and test concept.. As a definition a requirement represents a singular documented physical and functional need that a particular software, product or process must be able.

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Xray test set with tests. Test sets are flat, ordered collections of tests, represented by their own Xray-specific issue type in Jira. This PDF document captures a test set with all its details, plus the tests contained by the test set with all their details, resulting in a complete self-containing snapshot of the test set information.. jira-xray-test-set-with-tests.pd Xray for Jira test (manual) with test runs. Xray stores most of the information in its specific custom fields, all supported by Better PDF Exporter for Jira. This comprehensive Xray manual test PDF export includes the built-in Jira issue fields, plus test type, test repository path, test steps, plus the pre-conditions, test sets and test plans associated with the test, plus the table with test. Before using the Xray mappings we need to set-up the integration, the steps are the following: From Jira settings go to Apps and open the tab API Keys from Xray Tab. Create a new API Key for your user and copy the Client Id and Client Secret. Note: The user must have administrator access; Open the integrations page from Xporter tab

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XRAY for Jira 1. 2 +4 Years Making kickass software +5 Offices In 3 different countries +4.500 Customers Using our products +65 Countries With customers +350 Reviews In the Marketplace +360.000 Lines of Code Written by our team 4 Languages Available in English, German, Spanish and French +4.000 Support Tickets Closed by our Support Team +300 Features In our roadma In JIRA, we have three default roles namely: Administrators, Developers, and Users. Administrators. It contains the user/s who administer a given project in your JIRA application. They can add new users or groups, and manage components and versions as well. Developers Jira uses 3-legged OAuth (3LO), which means that the user is involved by authorizing access to their data on the resource (as opposed to 2-legged OAuth, where the user is not involved). In Jira, a client is authenticated as the user involved in the OAuth dance and is authorized to have read and write access as that user I am sharing this article with both Zephyr and Xray information and everything should be in one place. It will be easy to know when selecting Zephyr or Xray. Zephyr and Xray are both Jira plug-in Xray for JIRA Playlis

Xray and Xporter for JIRA BRUNO CONDE • XPAND IT. NOTES: • If it's important for the audience to remember where they are in the chapter sequence and see forward / backward, use this slide for chapter titles. Move the white lozenge style to whichever XRAY FOR JIRA section you're introducing INTRODUCTIO In this tutorial we are going to look at how to write test cases in Jira, how to configuring jira to handle test cases along with how to customize the screens so that you can add multiple results. Finally we will review how to gain a list of all cases and results filtered by a given run or release

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4. Jira Dashboards 1. What is a Jira dashboard? 2. How to customize your Jira dashboard 3. How to share your dashboards 5. Jira Apps 1. Getting Started With Jira 1.1 What is Jira? Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to use Jira, I'll give you a quick overview of what Jira actually is. Jira is an issue tracker that can be extended into. Xray Requirement coverage report represent overview of requirement current status, its coverage by tests and executions and reported defects. This report has Xray Requirement dimension as rows and, in columns, has many measures describing each requirement.. Xray Requirement status is a calculated measure which gets issue property value from Issue status for each requirement Jira has both Fix versions and Affects versions fields. So what's the difference? Fix versions shows the version that the work on the issue is released in. If you fix a bug in and the fix is released in version 3.6.2, the Fix version should be 3.6.2 JIRA Number Description; XRAY-5550. Fixed an issue, whereby after installing Xray from scratch, it took Xray 5 minutes to fetch the Platform Proxy and Mail Configuration, which caused Xray to ignore this configuration and fail in tasks that depend on this configuration. XRAY-6419

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if you press F5 and look at a snow layer it can make u see through block Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. Improve the quality of your systems through effective and efficient testing that runs through the entire software. Like other schemes in Jira, changes you make a to permission scheme update the permissions for any of the classic projects associated with the scheme. This makes it easy for Jira admins to manage the permissions of many projects at once, without having to adjust each project's settings individually

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